New Ismilia

Neu Ismilia  is Austria's biggest city simulation game. It is opening its gates for the fourth and final run September 15-18 2016.


The game offers:

  • Ambience of a low fantasy town divided in different districts with several taverns.
  • Conflicts and intrigue between different social groups from politics down to petty crime.
  • Simulated economic system including lively commerce and employment market - legal and illegal.
  • Flexible social structures with possibilities to both rise and fall within society.
  • Cast characters including intertwined character-stories.


Participation fee:

  • 99 € for players (89 € if sleeping in own tent)
  • 39 € for non-player characters

Participation fee includes:

  • full board: incl. non-alcoholic drinks, vegetarian options available; to be purchased with in-time money at one of the town's taverns or market
  • accomodation depending on group. Either: beds in the castle, own camp beds in adjacent building of the castle or tents

Also, please note, that if you have to travel for more than 1000km in order to get to Vienna, we offer you a special discount of 10€ on the registration fee. Contact us for further information.




In-game language is German but English is a well- known commercial language. Since the beginning of the series in 2013 we had non-german speaking participants.



For any questions, do not hestitate to contact us at

The World of Ismilia

Neu Ismilia is the capital city of the island Tol Avestoi which is situated in the archipelago of the country Ismilia. For centuries, the country has been dominated by two powerful houses, the House of Avesta and the House of Nuhrn, as well as by the Order of the Holy Io (also called Ordo Iovis). While the two houses are more and more losing their sparkle and power the Ordo Iovis stays the unchallenged religious ruler. The whole country believes in the Holy Io and his 12 companions. Ismilia is the heartland of the Church of the Holy Io – the Ordo Iovis – therefore other religions are in effect not existing and hardly accepted. The town Neu Ismilia is nowadays ruled by the city council – the legislative power. The laws are enforced by the mighty Ordinatorium – the town watch and administration.

Some years ago an army of the City of Vastos besieged the town of Neu Ismilia. After terrible weeks of fights and hunger the siege ended for unclear reasons. The wounds within the population of that horrible time are not fully healed. In the City of Vastos the reign was overthrown shortly after and the new ruler-Arbatax- sent a diplomatic delegation to Neu Ismilia. Nowadays, the City of Vastos is trying to establish a trading station in Neu Ismilia.

During the Siege of Neu Ismilia the citizens not affiliated with one of the houses formed a new group – the free citizens. Over the years the free citizens evolved to an influential player in the power struggle in Neu Ismilia. Nowadays, the free citiziens might be even more powerful than the old houses.

The previous harvest periods were pretty bad which lead to hunger and an emigration wave from the surrounding areas. The town of Neu Ismilia was flooded with poor and hungry peasants from the nearby towns and the countryside. The fight for food and work lead to riots in the shanty town of Neu Ismilia. The shanty town is a melting pot for poor peasants, soldiers of fortune and all kinds of rabble in which two gangs fight for power. This fight escalated in the suspicious death of both of the gangleaders. Nowadays, the good and honest citiziens of Neu Ismilia hope that shanty town is not going to descend into total chaos.

Playable Groups

Most likely the best group if you do not speak German might be the "Foreigners", travellers from all over the known Ismilian world. You may play merchants, scholars or the like - and not being able to speak the local tongue is not a flaw but a feature. You can easily communicate in the common commercial language (= English) with your local associates, which usually are educated characters able to speak the commercial language.

If you'd like a tougher time, you can also sign up for the Shanty Town where it is also likely that soldiers of fortune from other regions of the world get washed ashore. As a former seaman etc. you're also quite likely to know the commercial language. However it might be tougher to find someone who's character is proficient in this language, so communication might require a lot of improvisation (and might be a lot of fun).

Of course it's also possible to join any of the other Groups (except maybe the rigidly structured Ordinatorium) with the right backstory.

Please note that all characters in Neu Ismilia are casted, i.e. assigned a background by us that is part of the Ismilian world.

If you're not sure what to play, please contact us directly at

Ordinatorium: The Ordiantorium is the peacekeeping force of Neu Ismilia. The laws are enforced by the Ordinatorium. It is divided in the townwatch - the executive power - and the town adminstration - the judicative power.
Appearance: Members of the Ordiantorium are wearing grey uniforms and the townwatch is among the best armored persons in town. They also have the privilege to wear weapons of war within the citywalls.

Nuhrn: The house of Nurhn is one of the old powerful houses. It is well known for its honourable behaviour and its solidarity as well as strong warriors and skillful craftsmanship. The house makes its earnings with trading and craftsmanship. The house also runs the biggest tavern in town. The house Nurhn is more and more losing its former sparkle and power.
Members of the house Nurhn wear functional clothing in warm, red or brown colourshades. They are also easily recognizeable by their preference to wear pelts and furs from hunted animals.

Avesta: The house of Avesta is one of the old powerful houses. The house was famous for its wealth and its elegancy. Avesta is one of the old trading houses and its wineyards and diamond mines are well-known. In the last year the house was struggling with financial and political problems. Avesta runs a noble restaurant that is struggling with bankruptcy. The house Avesta is more and more losing its former sparkle and power.
Appearance: Members of the house Avesta wear elegant clothing in wide, bright, blue or white fashion. They define themselves through extravagant hats and millnery.

Ordo Iovis: The Ordo Iovis, the church of the holy Io, is the unchallenged religious ruler. The Ordo takes care of the mental and physical health of the whole population. They operate a hospital in the city and take care of the poorest members of society. As the reliogious monopoly the Ordo Iovis provides regular church services and always has an open ear for divine struggles of the population.
Appearance: Members of the Ordo Iovis wear the Ordo's attire in red colour and the ceremonial robe during service.

Free citiziens: The free citiziens are the rising financial and political power in the city of Neu Ismilia. They are fine traders and craftsmen. The free citiziens run a tavern and a beergarden in town. The old houses of Avesta and Nurhn constantly try to disempower the free citiziens.
Appearance: Members of the free citiziens wear traditional civic clothing in all kinds of fashion and colour. They are identifiable by their yellow or green ribbons.

Shanty town: Poor peasants, soldiers of fortune and all kinds of rabble live in the shanty town of Neu Ismilia. It is a chaotic, lawless melting pot of all kinds of criminals. It is a good place to make money without worrying about taxes or the law. In shanty town two gangs fought for power which lead to the mysterious deaths of both of the gang leaders. Nowadays the shanty town might descend into chaos in the ongoing powerstruggle...
Appearance: Members of the shanty town wear whatever they can grab. They are covered in dirt and shreds of clothing.

Other foreigners: All kinds of people from other cities are coming to Neu Ismilia to try their luck. Whether it is from the City of Vastos, Prechtigshaven, Bingen, Talon or even from the mainland of Ismilia, the reason is the same- to make money by establishing trading posts. This task is most challenging since there is not much space for other fractions apart of the existing in the struggle for power in Neu Ismilia.
Appearance: The appearance of the foreigners largely vary depending on the region the person comes from. People from the city of Vastos for example are recognizable by their purple clothing.

Play Style

The play style of the Ismilia-games is close to the concept of "What You See Is What You Get". We try to avoid any calls or other out-of-character commands as much as in any way possible. Usually we do not need game masters as referees because of the way we approach larping: If you want your character to perform an action - just do it. If this is not really possible (because you do not have the actual out-of-character skills to do it, because it is too dangerous or it would break something etc.) - try to simulate it as well as possible. It is your basic responsibility to decide what your character can do and what not, depending on your character concept and the situation.

If other characters are involved, we follow two basic rules:

  1. If someone else does anything that might affect your character (attack you, try to poison you, try to manipulate you...), show a itting reaction - what that reaction exactly is is up to you. Just showany reaction. (In the extreme this even means that only you decide if and when your character dies. If you decide that your character somehow survives something that is potentially lethal, that's fine - it should only be explicable in the game world, otherwise it will affect everyone's immersion.)
  2. If you do something that might affect another character, accept any reaction you get, even if it is not the reaction you expected. Just roll along with it and try to work with whatever you got from the other player.

This play style asks the players to be flexible and tolerant. The goal is to create interesting scenes and an enjoyable experience together, not to play against each other. This leads to a very fluid gameplay and allows a high level of immersion. Try to make "offers" which allow others to interact with your character, and take on opportunities to interact with others. And also accept the possibility of failure - situations where your character does not achieve what he or she wanted to can lead to wonderful scenes and stories in the game!

Finally, there are also some safety rules:

  • Use common sense to avoid real-life dangers to you and others - we all want to go home without any injuries.
  • Any kind of combat that might occur must be fought with safe weapons (latex swords etc.; but there will also be latex mugs, latex vegetables, latex logs and other ambience-enhancing stuff made from latex lying around - you are allowed to use that too!); keep combat safe and controlled, do not really hurt other players, and play it fitting to your character.
  • In-fights (fights with actual physical contact, like wrestling and brawls) are only allowed if both participants agree to it! If this is the case, you must still slow down any moves and not use any real force, try to keep eye contact at all times, and you must not lift or throw the other person - both of you must always be in full control of the situation. Silent out-of-character negotiations beforehand to determine the result of the fight in advance are recommended.
  • If you ever get into a situation that is too intense for you out-of-character, as a player, then you can say the phrase "If only your mother knew (what you are doing)..." - and the other players involved will tone down their actions and take a metaphorical step back to ease the intensity, while still staying in-game and continuing the scene. This is applicable to any situation which makes you too uncomfortable, be it because of physical violence, be it because of mental stress, and it allows everyone to stay in character while still modifying the situation to your needs.

New Ismilia is regaining its economic power: After the terrible siege of the city, traders become more and more confident. Reportedly, new trading contracts with Prechtigshaven are about to be concluded. For New Ismilia this is of special importance, since New Ismilian wine could then be exported more extensively to the neighboring islands via the harbour of Prechtigshaven.